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About us -- BWA-NH

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bike-Walk Alliance of NH is to develop a network of safe biking and walking routes throughout NH that connect neighborhoods, schools, businesses and points of interest in order to encourage recreation, health and wellness, alternative transportation and create a greater sense of community. Additionally, the Bike-Walk Alliance of NH promotes safe cycling and walking by educating residents, businesses and government on the advantages of active transportation.

For answers to some general questions about the BWA-NH, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


BWA-NH Goals

1. To be the voice for bicyclists and pedestrians in New Hampshire.
2. To ensure streets are bicycle and pedestrian friendly.
3. Provide resources and support bicyclists and pedestrians of all ages.
4. Endorse the IEE Program (Inform, Educate and Enforce) via the public, state, and private agencies.
5. To be the statewide liaison for all bicycling clubs.
6. Promote bicycle and pedestrian safety, education, and trail access.
7. Advocate for cyclists and pedestrian rights.
8. Publicize that bicycles are legal vehicles on our roadways.
9. Enhance state and local laws to incorporate the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians.


BWA-NH Board

Tim Blagden, Executive Director

On September 9, 2013, Tim Blagden assumed the role of our first-ever full-time Executive Director. He will be in charge of making BWA-NH a more visible and active force in the bicycling and pedestrian community of New Hampshire. Since its inception in 2004, BWA-NH , a non-profit, has been run entirely by volunteers and has become a respected resource for safety and education programs throughout NH as it works with state and local organizations and municipalities. Its continuing growth created the need for a full time executive director.

Tim brings knowledge of the business world to this position as well as experience as a former board member of the US Optimist Dinghy Association. He also brings a special enthusiasm for rail trails and using bicycles as a means of transportation to the position and believes that we can become better connected with our communities and healthier as a population if we plan with good street and rail trail design.

Tim may be reached at Tim@bwanh.org, cell 603.748.0340.

Dave Topham, Board President

As the BWA-NH founder in 2006 and a bicycling advocate since 1971, Dave assumed this position on October 16, 2014 due to an opening on the Board. He is actively working with the Executive Director and all current and prospective Board members to help transition the organization by following the approved Business Plan.

Linda Gould , Director-at-Large

Linda Gould was the first Executive Director of Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire as a volunteer at the advocacy group's inception in 2006. Currently, she continues as a board member so that she can continue to promote making New Hampshire safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. Her participation at three League of American Bicyclists National Bike Summits in Washington, D.C. has given her much insight in how to make New Hampshire safer for biking and walking and how to more effectively advocate for bicyclists' concerns.

In 2008, Linda Gould helped pass the New Hampshire "Three Foot Law" which states that motorists must pass a bicyclist with at least three feet of clearance. In 2009, she presented information at hearings that helped pass the new "no texting law" in New Hampshire. Currently, Linda is working on a Vulnerable User Law to make our state safer for bicyclists, pedestrians, and other vulnerable people on our roadways.

Linda formerly taught Latin at the high school level where her students excelled in National Latin exams. Prior to teaching she considered her main occupation to be mother of her five children.

She has five children, one of whom is a surgeon, and has four grandchildren. Linda lives in Bedford where she was a member of the 2013 Bike-Ped Committee and keeps her eyes open for issues pertinent to bicyclists and pedestrians.

Linda may be reached at Linda@bwanh.org, phone 603.472.3877.

Dave Topham, Treasurer/Recording Secretary

Dave Topham has been actively involved in group cycling and bicycling education since 1971. As one of the founders of the Granite State Wheelmen (GSW) and taking an interest in the then League of American Wheelmen's Effective Cycling program, in 1980 he became one of the first LAW (now LAB) certified bicycling instructors in the country. Since then he has conducted many classes and given presentations to major corporations. For some years he helped cyclists in four states attain their certified instructor status within the League. He remains active in the GSW as a ride leader and Membership Chairperson, having been on the GSW Board in some position every year since the recreational bike club was formed.

Dave lives in Salem, NH and enjoys helping to "push the paperwork" as well as the pedals. His 45+ years of computer background assist in the overhead of keeping both the GSW and BWA-NH computers and databases in order. Over the years Dave has made many contacts with bicycling organizations in the New England area. In 2003, efforts with the NH Department of Safety resulted in the state Drivers Manual being revised to incorporate more about "bicycling awareness" plus 25 bicycling-related questions were provided for the State of NH computerized driver's exam. He is a volunteer working with the NH Department of Transportation on many projects including rail trails, access to bridges, a member of the Bike-Ped Transportation Advisory and Safe Route to School Advisory Committees. Bicycling education for students and school staff personnel is a key effort with multiple bike-ed courses and presentations conducted each year including a unique SRTS-funded "Train the Trainers" program for those working with students in grades 4 and 5.

Dave may be reached at Dave@bwanh.org, phone 603.898.9926.

Greg Bakos, Engineering Advisor

Greg's solid background in engineering, his employment at VHB in Bedford, and being a League of American Bicyclists Master Certified Instructor make him a welcomed addition to the BWA-NH Board. He is also the co-chair of the NH Rail Trail Coalition which is affliliated with BWA-NH. Email: Greg@bwanh.org

Ken Colburn, Public Policy Coordinator

With a solid background in environmental issues and having his own company based in Meredith, Ken spends a lot of time consulting with companies around the world and meeting with politicians in Washington DC. He is well-versed in working with NH departments and agencies and is keenly aware of the "political climate" concerning bike-ped issues affecting New Hampshire residents. Ken joined the Granite State Wheelmen in 2005 and soon became one of the first BWA-NH Board members. Email: Ken@bwanh.org

New Board members effective November 17, 2014:

The following people were vetted and accepted as Board members at the November 17 meeting. Their professional backgrounds, enthusiasm for bike-ped advocacy and projects, and the desire to help BWA-NH move ahead are highly appreciated. The complete BWA-NH Board for 2015 will be voted upon by members on January 26 at the Concord meeting or via an on-line vote.

Brian Bouchard, Lawyer at Sheehan, Phinney, Bass & Green, Manchester NH

Tim Farmer, Owner, S&W Sports, Concord NH

Rebecca Harris, Director, Transport NH, Concord NH

Articles of Agreement

BWA-NH is a formal 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered with the IRS. Corporation status in the State of New Hampshire was granted in April 2006. BWA-NH membership and sponsorship payments are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The $15.00 Granite State Wheelmen membership included with each sponsorship is the only item not tax deductible.

Our Articles of Agreement and By-Laws are available for viewing on-line as an HTML file for general reference. If there are any questions please contact the BWA-NH office at info@bwanh.org